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Recent Phone Reports:

Aug 19

Scam for IRS . Wanted to collect money on a debt owed to IRS.
Reported by Ron Zoni

Aug 18

Who keeps calling from this number?
Reported by Cinnamon

Aug 08

Calls my phone then hangs up at least once a week. When you try to call it back no one answers then they call back unlisted #
Reported by Carey

Jul 21

Some type of scam number 262-854-4784
Reported by Michael Reed

Jun 24

sending anomalous text messages
Reported by Donna Bregenzer

Jun 20

Vacation Scam, will steal your credit card info. Also uses 3302379879
Reported by Mike

Jun 12

Samuel Staffing, medical recruiting
Reported by bill

Jun 08

Thanks for the information, I am receiving calls also, they wont leave me a message though. 6/8/2017
Reported by mike schaper

May 24

Text message saying my Chase account has been suspended.
Reported by Rita Craner

May 16

Supposedly you win a cruise to the Bahamas for 2 and you have to give your credit card #
Reported by Mel

May 02

Whose number is (330) -237-9874. He's been calling me on my cell phone and i don't pick it up. So if you could give me some information here. Oh the correct number is (330) 237-9879
Reported by Gerald A Rembowski

Apr 18

is this a business
Reported by re manford

Apr 06

This is a very persistent caller regarding education. It doesn't seem to matter if you try to stop their calls. Just today they called three times back to back with in 5 minutes. This is only one of the very many numbers they use.
Reported by Herbert

Apr 06

Typical robodialed scammer behavior: rings four times, then disconnects. Fundraising scammer.
Reported by David

Apr 06

Scammer on a spoofed location.
Reported by Mary

Apr 06

They call me say nothing and hang up
Reported by Henry

Apr 06

I cursed these people out. They continued to keep calling
Reported by Lauren

Apr 06

I think the are a credit company,so they keep hunting you if you have any debts.
Reported by Donald

Apr 06

This number called me three times in the same minute, leaving no voice message and repeating the call immediately. I finally answered and there was a voice telling me that they were calling from Social Security Administration checking about my disability claim (I never filed one). The voice did not acknowledge that I rejected the...
Reported by Joyce

Apr 06

This number has called me many times asking for a Cecilia and every time I reply this isn't her, they hang up. I finally got a guy on the phone with a heavy accent and told this guy I'm not Cecilia and to delete my number. He called me a liar and said we met...
Reported by Laura

Apr 06

5 phones call in one day so far. I called back and asked them to take me off their last and he laughed and hung up. Total Scam
Reported by Phyllis

Apr 06

person pretending to be a treasury agent of the U.S. saying I won a grant
Reported by Frank

Apr 06

SPAM CALLER -- DO NOT ANSWER (Called 4/4/17 @ 1640HRS EST)
Reported by Jimmy

Apr 06

Caller from Oxford OH. Called my cell left no message. Blocking this one.
Reported by Jasmin

Apr 06

Same here. I am getting two to five calls a day. One day there were 10!! The calls are from all over the country. I don't answer any more but they are annoying!!
Reported by James

Apr 06

Received a call this morning with an automated message claiming to be the IRS with an ARREST WARRANT that has been issued against me and th...
Reported by Lauren

Apr 06

If they ask, "Can you hear me?" just hang up. A TV station in Dallas reported on a spam-type of operation, and if you say "Yes" they can record it as part of a larger conversation where they are trying to sell a service, and claim you agreed to subscribe to it. Real pain in...
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