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Recent Phone Reports:

Jan 16 03:16AM

Arvind Ahir
Reported by Arvind

Jan 13 07:02PM

Someone stalking me
Reported by David

Jan 13 07:01PM

Keeps calling my number
Reported by David

Nov 26 09:26AM

Harasses Local Hotels when he cannot check in as it is not check in time nor is there rooms available.
Reported by ANON

Sep 04 02:40PM

look up number
Reported by marc

Aug 26 03:04PM

They left an automated voicemail, saying that if I, or my attorney, do not call back in a timely manner, that all they could do was wish me luck as the situation unfolds on me. Creep.
Reported by Rye Ann

Aug 25 11:24AM

They call sand that they were from the IRS and that someone was suing me when I asked Pacific details and for them to send me a letter they couldn’t do it I also asked who is suing me and he couldn’t give me Pacific’s so basically I just told him to go F themselves
Reported by Jonathan

Aug 25 10:11AM

It's a scam. They said they were from the IRS and some one is suing me. I told the man it was a scam, He got mad and hung up the phone.
Reported by cathy snapp

Aug 25 09:54AM

They said there are from the IRS, but their English in more Asian or Indian. I asked to be sent a letter, they got upset and said they sent one.
Reported by Rafael

Aug 22 04:43PM

Called and did not leave a message.
Reported by Bernie

Aug 19 09:11PM

Scam for IRS . Wanted to collect money on a debt owed to IRS.
Reported by Ron Zoni

Aug 18 02:36PM

Who keeps calling from this number?
Reported by Cinnamon

Aug 08 01:05AM

Calls my phone then hangs up at least once a week. When you try to call it back no one answers then they call back unlisted #
Reported by Carey

Jul 21 09:50PM

Some type of scam number 262-854-4784
Reported by Michael Reed

Jun 24 10:24PM

sending anomalous text messages
Reported by Donna Bregenzer

Jun 20 05:05PM

Vacation Scam, will steal your credit card info. Also uses 3302379879
Reported by Mike

Jun 19 05:56PM

Reported by Christina Stewart

Jun 12 10:43AM

Samuel Staffing, medical recruiting
Reported by bill

Jun 08 11:23AM

Thanks for the information, I am receiving calls also, they wont leave me a message though. 6/8/2017
Reported by mike schaper

May 24 08:07PM

Text message saying my Chase account has been suspended.
Reported by Rita Craner

May 16 12:49PM

Supposedly you win a cruise to the Bahamas for 2 and you have to give your credit card #
Reported by Mel

May 02 06:42PM

Whose number is (330) -237-9874. He's been calling me on my cell phone and i don't pick it up. So if you could give me some information here. Oh the correct number is (330) 237-9879
Reported by Gerald A Rembowski

Apr 18 09:04AM

is this a business
Reported by re manford

Apr 06 10:57PM

This is a very persistent caller regarding education. It doesn't seem to matter if you try to stop their calls. Just today they called three times back to back with in 5 minutes. This is only one of the very many numbers they use.
Reported by Herbert

Apr 06 10:26PM

Typical robodialed scammer behavior: rings four times, then disconnects. Fundraising scammer.
Reported by David

Apr 06 09:55PM

Scammer on a spoofed location.
Reported by Mary

Apr 06 09:24PM

They call me say nothing and hang up
Reported by Henry

Apr 06 08:53PM

I cursed these people out. They continued to keep calling
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